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I worked in aviation for over 40 years, as a program manager in major industry, as an institute director at a large university, as a board member in large-scale research, and as honorary president of a national association.

In 2020, I founded Aviation Strategy and Consulting (AVISC) to make the knowledge and experience I have gained over all these years available to companies, institutions and authorities.

As has been the case throughout my career, I also work with other consultants, experts and companies as required, which is why "About us" is more appropriate here than "About me".

Thinking and acting from a systems perspective is essential for me - there is always a superordinate system and there are subordinate subsystems. For aviation, this means that it is not only the vehicle (aircraft, helicopter, drone, etc.) that is important, and within it the wings, engine, cabin, etc., but also its operation at airports, in regulated airspace and in the atmosphere, and that this aircraft operation in turn takes place in the context of an overall system, particularly in the areas of energy, mobility and safety.

In addition to providing support with technical issues and company developments, especially in the equipment sector, I am also involved in public activities, in an advisory and coordinating capacity, as an expert or as an expert, e.g. in funding programs.


My personal network from these years in aviation includes close contacts with executives from industry, research, universities, politics and authorities, both nationally and in Europe and worldwide.



Prof. Rolf Henke

Founder of AVISC



Lectures &


Due to my many years of experience in the industry and the connection to research at various levels that still exists today, I give event-related presentations, e.g. at internal company seminars, fireside chats, to provide impetus at management meetings, etc..

Topics so far have been: history, future of aviation, digitalization, drone applications / air cabs, research perspectives; this is adapted to the respective framework.

In addition, seminars can be organized for special measures such as training courses or the induction of new employees; here I also work together with other experts and/or consultants if necessary.

One example is the topic "System development in aircraft construction"; a corresponding 2-day seminar has already been set up and held together with another consultant for a large international industrial service provider.


Fortunately, many new topics are currently being discussed in aviation, most of which address a recognized potential, but not all of them will really be part of the future. Start-ups and possibly venture capitalists often get involved first, but only in a few cases does this lead to sustainable development. In order to classify potentials, development directions, alternative approaches, possible standards and restrictive regulations must be considered.

Based on my activities in industry and research as well as my cooperation with authorities and politics, I can provide advice on the design of new activities. This is also done on an as-needed basis, whether as part of a one-off consultation, through participation in management meetings or through regular analyses.

Expert reports  &

For over 30 years, I have been preparing statements, expert opinions and expert reports, e.g. as part of research programs.

In the AVISC portfolio, this means that my broad network enables me to assist in the search for partners in regional, national or European research programs in the field of aviation. I am also happy to initiate or support the conceptual development in general, as well as the integration of specific competencies into a broader topic that is to be worked on by several partners.

Finally, I provide expert opinions, e.g. on new initiatives with regard to other comparable activities, or to evaluate contributions to a larger topic.